Stereophile “MBL´s Noble N31”


John Atkinson, editor of the U.S. magazine Stereophile reviews the Noble Line CD-DAC N31:

“…with older digital recordings (“Southern Cross,” from Crosby, Stills & Nash’s CSN (4 CDs, 16/44.1; 320kbps AAC le, Atlantic 82319-2), the N31 sounded simply magnificent….as before,
the N31 allowed sonic shortcomings to step to one side, letting the rock’n’roll magic flow forth. And again, the N31’s presentation of detail was superb”

“As I say in the “Measurements” sidebar, digital audio engineering doesn’t get any better—nor, I feel, does digital sound quality. At $15,400 it may be expensive, but MBL’s Noble Line N31 is beyond reproach.”

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