Stereophile “MBL 120 Radialstrahler″


The  US-American magazine Stereophile reviewed the Radialstrahler Loudspeaker 120:

Julie Mullins, Stereophile
“Wallflowers they ain’t: Immersive and involving, these speakers are built for fun. Their sound, though always substantial, tends to stay detailed without getting thick or muddy…Their energy was palpable, visceral, like live music, adding to the sense of immersion. It gave more muscle to rock ’n’ roll. The soundwaves’ energy was like a gentle force field. Or not so gentle…The MBL 120s can deliver sound with involving intensity even on quiet, subtle material…If the MBL 120 were a book, it would be one that was hard to put down: I kept listening when I should have been going to bed—or finishing this review. The MBL 120s can be addictive. I’m not here to be a bad influence, but if you’re not careful, you might need to call your nearest dealer.”

John Atkinson, Technical Editor
“The MBL 120’s measured performance confirms that this is a true omnidirectional design.” 

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