Product of the year 2022


We are pleased to announce that the American magazine Stereophile has honored the MBL 120 Radialstrahler loudspeaker as a Finalist in the 2022 Loudspeaker of the Year category, and also honored the MBL 120 with a 2022 Editor’s Choice Award from Julie Mullins:

“The 120s have a perennial place in my room—and in my heart. Whatever music I send their way, they radiate lifeblood and energy, substance and detail. The speakers consistently strike a balance between precise mechanical realism and believable human warmth. Smooth treble and well-rounded midrange come from handmade omnidirectional drivers that cohere with a pair of push-push, side-firing woofers. Designer Jürgen Reis’s “tricks” extend the ported cabinet’s bass; I seldom miss a subwoofer. The 120s interact with the room, filling it with freed-up, 3D musical energy. Many nights of “just one more track” and the occasional goosebumps can’t be ignored.

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