concerto_koelnThe Perfect Partner

Think of an evening in the concert hall, how easily the music can carry you away, transporting you to a world of melody and shifting sound patterns. Only a few moments are needed and you are caught up in its magic spell. This is exactly that kind of experience we wish to bring into your home. This is why we partner with one of the world’s leading orchestras, Concerto Köln, the winner of numerous prestigious Echo awards.

Because only when we keep the true original sound in our ears and continue interacting with real musicians can we live out the proper standards we need for our work. An orchestra of this calibre shows what is important for the natural rendition of music. It has developed its own unique and special way of projecting its sound in space which is not uni-directional because an orchestra is omnidirectional, projecting sound in all directions – it’s the mixing of the sound of the orchestra with the many sound reflections in a concert hall that creates the particular magic, allowing the sound to envelop us from all sides and giving a truly immersive musical experience. It is this marvellous experience that defines the critical difference between conventional loudspeakers and the MBL “Radialstrahler“. No other loudspeakers come close to matching the actual experience of a live concert performance as faithfully as our “Radialstrahler“.